Members Invite Members (in German)

The idea to increase activities that aim solely on network building amongst members, has grown stronger over time. This is particularly true considering that also extraordinary members of the JSPS Club could become persons who care about the scientific exchange between Japan and the German-speaking area, without being former JSPS or STA fellows.

That is why the event series “Members Invite Members” was started in 2003. The event provides that an JSPS Club member invites all other members to her/his workplace and offers a scientific and cultural program, if possible with relation to Japan.

The event does not take place during the years of anniversary symposia in Japan.

2021: 15th MlMe in Aachen / ZOOM meeting

2020: see Anniversary Symposium 2020

2019: 14th MlMe in Lübeck

2018: 13th MlMe in Bonn

2017: 12th MlMe in Stuttgart

2016: 11th MlMe in Hannover

2015: see Anniversary Symposia 2015

2014: 10th MlMe in Wien

2013: 9th MlMe in Freiburg

2012: 8th MlMe in München

2011: 7th MlMe in Frankfurt

2010: see Anniversary Symposium 2010

2009: 6th MlMe in Berlin

2008: 5th MlMe in Bochum

2007: 4th MlMe in Leipzig

2006: 3rd MlMe in Düsseldorf

2005: see Anniversary Symposium 2005

2004: 2nd MlMe in Köln

2003: 1st MlMe in Marburg

Regional Group Meeting in
the Rhein-Ruhr Area

Düsseldorf | Aug. 25, 2022

JaDe Award 2022 for Club member Prof. Dr. Bellingrath-Kimura

Neues vom Club 04/2021

November 22, 2021:
YouTube channel of the Club published