European Research Nights 2019 (EURAXESS)

Theme: Public engagement, communication & research impact
Date: 7 October (Monday) 20:00 - 22:00
Venue: Carl Zeiss Japan, Tokyo

The European Research Nights 2019 (ERN 2019) are evening social events co-organised by EURAXESS Japan and associations of EuropNightsean researchers in Japan.

They aim to bring together the European research community currently based in Japan to discuss research, careers and relation to Europe.

The ERN 2019 events will be held at regular intervals along the year, with the objective of providing more informal, social opportunities for the European community to interact.

This edition of the ERN 2019 is co-organised with the JSPS Club, the association of German-speaking researchers in Japan. It will focus on public engagement, science communication and research impact outside of academia. This edition will feature three input talks from Japanese (JSPS and JST) and EU side as well as experience feedback from two foreign researchers in Japan in the field of public engagement. This edition directly follows the annual meeting of the JSPS Club on the same day, at the same venue.


  • Naho Fukuda, JSPS
  • Kumiko Okawa, JST
  • Dr Matthieu Py, EURAXESS
  • Dr Toni Maier, Waseda University
  • Dr Anna-Lisa Varri, University of Tokyo

Schedule (7 Oct. 2019):

19:45 doors open, 20:00 Welcome address
20:10 Japan's funding agencies actions towards public engagement: JST case
20:30 Japan's funding agencies actions towards public engagement: JSPS case
20:50 EU's push for public engagement in Research and Innovation policies
21:10 Experience feedback: publicengagement from the practitionners' point of view (2 speakers)
21:40 Networking
22:00 Wrap-up

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