Mentoring / Advising

For the JSPS scholarship programs which are aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral students, the JSPS Club participates in advising the scholarship holders before they leave for Japan. The following is a list of examples where club members in Japan have hosted JSPS scholars.

In particular, there are meetings for the JSPS Summer Program in preparation for the stay in Japan, which is being carried out jointly by JSPS and DAAD. The preparatory meeting takes place in Bonn in spring and will be organized jointly by the JSPS Bonn Office and the JSPS Club.

For the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation organizes meetings for scholarship holders who are going to Japan and other countries, and for scholarship holders who have returned from their stay abroad. In this context, the JSPS Bonn Office and the JSPS Club offer information and advice in their own “Japan Group”.

Furthermore, JSPS organizes an orientation event for newly arrived scholarship holders from all over the world several times a year in Tokyo, for all participants of the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship. At these events, all of the JSPS alumni associations that exist around the world will be presented in a joint presentation. This task is currently taken over by the chairman and country representative for Japan, Heinrich Menkhaus, alternating with representatives from JSPS alumni associations from other countries.

In the following, we have also put together some contributions from JSPS Club members that not only show how you as a young scientist can build up and expand your collaboration with Japan, but also how, in retrospect, scientific careers have developed in close exchange with colleagues in Japan over decades.

The JSPS Club also offers general information on the activities of the JSPS Club, research stays in Japan and funding opportunities at various events that are primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at a younger target group. The following articles also offer you some insights into this.

Our members from a wide variety of disciplines are available in their respective universities / institutes for an individual advisory offer, which is aimed at all interested parties who are planning a stay in Japan. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact the JSPS Club office.


My experience in Japan during my stay as exchange student and research assistant at Meiji University | by Torben Meyer

Deutsche Professoren als Gastgeber in Japan | by Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus

Deutsche Forscher in Japan betreuten deutsche Studierende | by Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Matuttis

Ein Beispiel für die Betreuung deutscher NachwuchsforscherInnen durch Clubmitglieder in Japan | by Kai Oliver Thiele

Ein Beispiel für die Betreuung deutscher NachwuchsforscherInnen durch Clubmitglieder in Japan | by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertl

Club-Mitglieder als Wissenschaftsvermittler: JSPS Post-doc am CIST in Chitose | by Prof. Dr. Olaf Karthaus


Gastaufenthalt von Yoshiaki Ueda | by Dr. Michael Frei

Studentenaustausch zwischen dem CoE for Plasma Science and Technology an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum und dem CoE Plasma-Nano an der Universität Nagoya | by Prof. Dr. Uwe Czarnetzki


JAPAN durch ZUFALL? | by Prof. Dr. Matthias Rögner
Teil 1   |   Teil 2   |   Teil 3

Elementarteilchen, Spinpolarisation und Kulturelles – Motoren einer 50jährigen deutsch-japanischen Zusammenarbeit | by Prof. Dr. Werner Meyer
Teil 1   |   Teil 2   |   Teil 3

Entwicklung eines Kooperationsnetzwerkes mit Japan | by Dr. Andreas Schaper
Teil 1   |   Teil 2   |   Teil 3   |   Teil 4   |   Teil 5   |   Teil 6   |   Teil 7   |   Teil 8   |   Teil 9


The JSPS Club presents its activities at various events, advises on stays in Japan and funding opportunities, in particular on the JSPS scholarship programs and the support options offered by the JSPS Club.

#Seitenwechsler Japan-Messe

4. #Seitenwechsler Japan-Messe in Leipzig 2020 | by board member Dr. Matthias Hofmann

Junior Forum

10. JSPS Junior Forum 2019 | by board member Dr. Matthias Hofmann

9. JSPS Junior Forum 2018 | by board member Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn

Nippon Connection Filmfestival | by board member Dr. Matthias Hofmann and Dr. Anita Hofmann

21. Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2021

20. Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2020

19. Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2019

18. Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2018

17. Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2017

German-Japanese Youth Summit | by chairman Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus

13. Deutsch-Japanischer Youth Summit 2019

12. Deutsch-Japanischer Youth-Summit 2018

9. Deutsch-Japanischer Youth Summit 2015

7. Deutsch-Japanischer Youth Summit 2013

Other Events

Deutsch-Japanische Hochschulpartnerschaften und der JSPS-Club 2018 | by chairman Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus

Infoveranstaltung „Studium und Forschen in Japan“ an der Universität Wien 2014 | by board member Dr. Chantal Weber

JSPS-Club-Infostand in Tokyo anlässlich der 150-Jahrfeier am 23. Oktober 2011 | by chairman Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus

Neues vom Club 02+03/2022

Symposium “Life Under Extreme Conditions”
Kiel | May 12-13, 2023

The Nikkei Shinbun of 10/12/2022
reported about Prof. Dr. Heissig's
initiative to invite medical
personnel from Ukraine to Japan