8th Junior Forum: November 11, 2017 in Stuttgart

Venue: Stuttgart/Germany, University Stuttgart, conference room of Tagungshotel campus.guest


Program (38 KB)

14:00   Welcome Greeting
            Prof. Dr. Keiichi Kodaira (JSPS Bonn Office)
            Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus (JSPS Club)

14:10   Reporting Session 1; recently returned fellows
            Sarah Berkemer, Leipzig University, Bioinformatics
            Bastian Brenzinger, Munich University, State Zoological Museum Munich
            Björn Büker, Bielefeld University, Fakulty of Physics
            Falko Gauß, Mannheim University, Department VI of Mathematics
            Stefanie Griesbeck, Würzburg University, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry
            Maximilian Hamm, German Aerospace Center
            Olga Isaeva, Bonn University, Art-Historical Institute

15:20   Career-Profile Presentations
            Dr. Andreas Rost, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
            Dr. Kay Nottmeyer, Robert Bosch GmbH

15:50   Coffee Break

16:20   Reporting Session 2; recent returned fellows
            Dr. Karina Iwe, Kiel University, Postgraduate School Human Development in Landscapes
            Jasmin Kajopoulos, Technical University Munich, Institute for Cognitive Systems (ICS)
            Dr. Kenny Kuchta, National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)
            Sophie Lange, Fraunhofer HHI, Modulators Group
            Katharina Strohrmann, Technical University Munich, Department of Helicopter Technology
            Dr. Felix Warmer, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP)
            Dianne Weldin, Stuttgart University, Institute of Polymer Chemistry

17:15   JSPS Club Introduction (Dr. Matthias Hofmann, board of JSPS Club)

17:30   Presentation of the JSPS Programs (Tomoko Deguchi, JSPS Bonn Office)

17:45   Q&A, Discussion

18:15   Closing Remarks (Prof. Dr. Keiichi Kodaira, JSPS Bonn Office)

18:30   Dinner at restaurant campus.guest

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“Conferment of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon” (旭日中綬章) from the Japanese Government for Club members Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha and Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke

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