JSPS Alumni Club Award 2022

by board member Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn

JACA award ceremony for Dr. Holger Thies on May 20, 2022

The German JSPS Alumni Association awards Dr. Holger Thies with the JSPS Alumni Club Award 2022, the JACA Prize.

The JACA prize recognizes the commitment and merits of Dr. Holger Thies for scientific exchange between Japan and Germany. Scientific exchange has many facets, including cooperation with working groups, working on joint research topics, and the exchange of young scientists and students. But also, the successful completion of stages in the host country, e.g. a doctoral thesis and learning the language. In all areas, Dr. Holger Thies is very committed and can point to a variety of successes.

Dr. Holger Thies is currently Junior Associate Professor at Kyoto University in the Mathematical Informatics Group in the Department of Human and Environmental Science.

Here he is dedicated to researching differential equations using methods from computability and complexity theory, a sub-area of computable analysis in theoretical computer science. These fundamentals of scientific computing are a prerequisite for enabling the calculation of big data at all and at the same time for estimating the size of the errors that occur.

His cooperation in Japan and internationally as well as his first own projects show his achievements. In the following laudation his doctorate in Japan and some of his activities are addressed. The 2022 JACA Prize includes an ANA flight ticket and rail travel support during a two-week trip.

Laudation for the award ceremony (68 KB)

Acceptance speech by Dr. Holger Thies on receiving the JACA 2022 (46 KB)

Additional links to the research and working group of Dr. Holger Thies, Kyoto University:
• Department: https://www.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/
• Working group: https://www.i.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp/staff/
• JSPS project: https://kaken.nii.ac.jp/grant/KAKENHI-PROJECT-20K19744/

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