1st Club Meeting in Austria / Februar 12, 2016

Shinnenkai des JSPS-Clubs und der japanischen Mitglieder der United Nations Organsationen in Wien

Date: Friday, Februar 12, 2016, 5 pm
Venue:Stefan Meyer Institute (SMI), Boltzmanngasse 3, 1090 Vienna

The Stefan Meyer Institute hosts a Joint New Year’s Celebration of the alumni organisation of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS), the “Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten” (JSPS-Club), and the association of Japanese members of the United Nations Organisations in Vienna (UNVJ). The highlight will be a talk by Prof. Walter Kutschera (University of Vienna) on the predecessor of Stefan Meyer Institute, the “Institut für Radiumforschung” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The Radium Institute and the building in Boltzmanngasse 3, which today houses both the Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of ÖAW, received in 2015 the award “Historic Site” by the European Physical Society for being the first institute for nuclear physics in the world.

Event report in NvC 01/2016 (in German)


17:00 - 17:10   Welcome, Speaker: Prof. Eberhard Widmann (SMI Wien)

17:10 - 18:00   Laboratory visits

18:00 - 18:05   Welcome from JSPS, Speaker: Prof. Keiichi Kodaira (JSPS Bonn Office)

18:05 - 18:10   Welcome, Speaker: UNVJ

18:10 - 18:25   Presentation of the JSPS-Club, Speaker: Dr. Matthias Hofmann (Universität Frankfurt)

18:25 - 19:10   From Radium to Antiprotons, Speaker: Prof. Walter Kutschera (Universität Wien)

19:10 - 21:00   Reception and get together

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JSPS Club Chairman Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus is awarded the “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette” (旭日小綬章) of the Japanese Government in 2024.

Club member Prof. Dr. Uwe Czarnetzki is awarded the “Plasma Materials Science Hall of Fame Prize” in March of 2024.

Club member Prof. Dr. med. Tanja Fehm is awarded the “Klüh Foundation Award” 2023

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