2nd JSPS Club Meeting in Japan / November 7, 2012

Venue:JSPS, 8 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8472, 1F
2 minutes walk from the Hanzomon station of the Hanzomon subway line

Event report in NvC 04/2012 (in German)

Program (83 KB)

14.00   Greetings
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus (Meiji University/Faculty of Law, Chairman of the JSPS Club)
Sabine Ganter-Richter (Network for Science/Bonn, Member of the Board of the JSPS Club/Public Relations Department)
Satomi Akihiko, JSPS Head Overseas Fellowship Division, International Program Department
Self introduction of all participants

14.15   Part 1: Lectures on the topic of energy

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wunderlich  (Tokai University, Material Science Department):Erneuerbare Energiequellen in Japan nach Fukushima
Vortrag Wunderlich (3,9 MB)

14.45   Ass. Prof. Dr. Eckhard Hitzer (ICU, Department of Material Science/Physics):Moderne geothermische Energienutzung am Beispiel Islands – Eine aktuelle Erkundungsreise
Vortrag Hitzer (4,4 MB)

15.15   Discussion

16.00   Coffee Break

16.30   Part 2: Discussion on the situation of Club members and the role of the Club in Japan

Berufsfeld für Club-Mitglieder in Japan
Zusammenarbeit mit dem DAAD (WGK) und anderen deutschen Mittlerorganisationen
Zusammenarbeit mit JSPS und anderen japanischen Mittlerorganisationen
Mitgliederwerbung in Japan
Mitglieder des Clubs als Betreuer von jungen deutschsprachigen Kollegen in Japan
Finanzierung der Treffen

18.30   Reception of the JSPS Club with invited guests, to mark the Institution Award of the Japanese Foreign Minister for the commendable promotion of the German-Japanese scientific exchange
Greetings: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus
Kanpai: Prof. Dr. Shiro Ishii, JSPS Research Center for Science Systems
Presentation of all Club activities by Sabine Ganter-Richter



All pictures were provided by Club member Ryofu Pussel.

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