Higher Education – Challenges and Current Developments

21th Japanese-German Symposium

jointly organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. with kind support of Oldenburg University.

Date: May 20–21, 2016
Venue: Universität Oldenburg, Hörsaal am Campus Wechloy, Oldenburg

Veranstaltungsbericht in NvC 02/2016


Friday, May 20

13:30    Welcome Remarks

14:00    Introduction into the topic
             Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner (University of Oldenburg),
             PD Dr. Daisy Rotzoll (Leipzig University)

PART 1: Higher Education in Japan and Germany
(Convener: PD Dr. Daisy Rotzoll)

14:30    The Academic Profession in Japan and Germany
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Teichler (Kassel University, INCHER Kassel
Abstract Teichler (65 KB)
Presentation Teichler (117 KB)

15:00    Transformation of Japan's higher education in response to global challenges
Prof. Dr. Akiyoshi Yonezawa (Tohoku University, Office of Institutional Research)
Abstract Yonezawa (55 KB)
Presentation Yonezawa (1,7 MB)

15:30    Q&A session

16:00    Coffee Break

PART 2: Innovating Teacher Education
(Convener: Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner)

16:30    The Teacher Training in Germany: New Ways – Old Problems
Prof. Dr. Lothar Wigger (TU Dortmund, General Educational Science)
Abstract Wigger (53 KB)
Presentation Wigger (534 KB)

17:00    Teacher Training and Japan's Current Higher Education
Prof. Dr. Toshiko Ito (Mie University, Graduate School of Education)
Abstract Ito (50 KB)
Presentation Ito (632 KB)

17:30    Q&A session

18:00    Go to dinner venue

18:30    Dinner at Zum Drögen Hasen

JSPS Alumni Club Award Ceremony


Saturday, May 21

PART 3: Natural Science and Medicine
(Convener: PD Dr. Daisy Rotzoll)

09:00    Medical education in Japan: how the past inform the future
Prof. Dr. Nobutaro Ban (Nagoya University, Dept. of General Medicine)
Abstract Ban (136 KB)
Presentation Ban (4,8 MB)

09:30    Medical Education in Germany: Development of the National Competence Based Catalogue of Learning Objectives
Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hahn (Erlangen University, Dept. of Internal Medicine)
Abstract Hahn (21 KB)
Presentation Hahn (389 KB)

10:00    Q&A session

10:30    Coffee Break

PART 4: Chemistry
(Convener: Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner)

11:00    Digital Media in Higher Chemistry Education
Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich (Gießen University, Organic Chemistry)
Abstract Göttlich (62 KB)
Presentation Göttlich (1,15 MB)

11:30   Q&A

11:45    Introduction of JSPS Programs
Yuriko Nishizaki (JSPS Bonn Office)

12:05    Closing Remarks
12:15    Lunch
For participants of General assembly of JSPS-Club
14:00    General assembly of JSPS-Club
16:00    go to city center
16:30    Guided tour
For others
13:30    go to city center
14:00    Guided tour

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ZOOM-Meeting | 17. Nov. 2021

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JSPS-Club bei der Nippon Connection
Die Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. (JSPS-Club) und das JSPS Bonn Office stellen sich beim Nippon Connection Filmfestival vor.


„Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne am Halsband, goldene Strahlen“ (旭日中綬章) der japanischen Regierung für Club-Mitglieder Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha und Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke