Agriculture and Food Supply – Challenges and Perspectives

20th Japanese-German Symposium

jointly organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. with kind support of Potsdam University.

Date: May 8–9, 2015
Venue: Universität Potsdam, Großer Chemiehörsaal, Haus 27, Campus Golm


Veranstaltungsbericht in NvC 02/2015


Friday, May 8

13:30   Welcome and Introductory remarks
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus – Chairman, German JSPS Alumni Association
Kazunori Higuchi – Director of Overseas Fellowship Division, JSPS Tokyo
Takayuki Miyashita – Minister, Japanese Embassy Berlin
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Demske – Vice-president, University of Potsdam

14:20   Oskar Kellner and Agriculture in Japan
Dr. Thomas Berberich

14:30   Introduction into the Topic
Dr. Anton Kraus

14:35   PART 1: Agriculture and Food Production

(Convener: Dr. Anton Kraus, FNL)

Global agricultural market trends and food security: The German perspective
Dr. Steffen Noleppa / HFFA
Abstract Noleppa (94 KB)

Rural Development Policy and Multifunctionality of Agriculture in Japan
Prof. Dr. Tomoko Ichida / Meiji University Tokyo
Abstract Ichida (37 KB)
Vortrag Ichida (610 KB)

15:30   Q&A session

16:00   Coffee break

PART 2: Agriculture and Food Trade
(Convener: Dr. Anton Kraus, FNL)

TPP and Japanese Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Takumi Sakuyama (Meiji University)
Abstract Sakuyama (110 KB)
Vortrag Sakuyama (381 KB)

TTIP and German Food and Agriculture
Cornelia Berns / BMEL
Abstract Berns (33 KB)

18:30   JSPS Alumni Club Award Ceremony

19:00   Dinner

Saturday, May 9

09:00   PART 3: Food Quality and Food Safety
(Convener: Dr. Thomas Berberich, BIK-F)

About felt and real risks
Dr. Gaby-Fleur Böl / Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Abstract Böl (84 KB)
Vortrag Böl (836 KB)

09:30   Q&A Session

10:00   Coffee break

PART 3 continued: Food Security and Food Trade
(Convener: Dr. Thomas Berberich, BIK-F)

Secondary plant metabolites – influence on food quality and flavor
Prof. Dr. Susanne Baldermann / Universität Potsdam
Abstract Baldermann (33 KB)

Genome sequencing and modern breeding
Dr. Ryohei Terauchi / Iwate Biotechnology Research Centre
Abstract Terauchi (21 KB)
Vortrag Terauchi (2,77 MB)

11:30   Q&A Session

12:00   Closing remarks

12:15   Lunch

For participants of General assembly of JSPS-Club
14:00   General assembly of JSPS-Club
16:01   Take train to Potsdam Hbf
16:30   Guided tour

For others
13:01   Take train to Potsdam Hbf
13:30   Guided tour

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