Medicine in Japan and Germany

4th Japanese-German Symposium

jointly organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.

Date: April 30 – May 1, 1999
Venue: Göttingen

Die Vorträge dieses Symposiums sind erschienen als Tagungsband Nr. 2.


Friday April 30, 1999

Moderation:   Dr. Uwe Czarnetzki (Chairman of Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.):
14.00   Welcoming Remarks

14.30   Prof. Dr. Kumao Toyoshima (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo; Director Sumitomo Hospital):
Proposal for prevention and treatment of cancer based on recent progress of cancer research

15.30   Coffee break

16.00   Prof. Dr. Erhard Rosner (University of Göttingen, Institute for East-Asian Studies):
Chinese Medicine in Japan from its Beginnings to the 20th Century: Convergence and Irritation

17.00   Dr. Christian Oberländer (The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine):
The Japanese Health Care System between Aging and Internationalization: Opportunities for German-Japanese Cooperation

18.00   Break

19.00   Transfer by bus to restaurant 'Rathskeller'

Saturday May 1, 1999

09.00   Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Michel-Zaitsu (Kyushu University, Institute of Languages and Cultures):
Inner Landscapes – Japan's Reception of Western Conceptions of the Body

10.00   Coffee Break

10.30   Dr. Heidrun Reissenweber (University of Munich, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Research Unit for Japanese Phytotherapy):
Integration of Japanese Phytotherapy (Kampo) into modern Medicine

11.30   Mrs. Michiko Nakagawa-Fehlberg (practical doctor):
Delivery in Germany and in Japan

12.30   Lunch
  Annual Assembly, Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.

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