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Online Registration Form for "Mitglieder laden Mitglieder ein (MlMe)" 2023

Online Registration Form for "Mitglieder laden Mitglieder ein (MlMe)" 2023

MlMe 2023

Date: November 10 (Fri) - 11 (Sat), 2023 
Venue: Julius Kühn-Institut, Dossenheim, Germany
Registration deadline: September 25, 2023.

Please fill in all mandatory fields marked *.

6. Personal Data and Photos
To hold this event, JSPS (JSPS Bonn and JSPS Tokyo) needs to collect personal information* from participants (incl. their accompanying person). To protect personal information* collected on residents of the European Economic Area (hereafter referred to as “EEA residents”), JSPS (JSPS Bonn and JSPS Tokyo) and JSPS Club (German JSPS Alumni Association) follow laws and ordinances governing the protection of personal information and the provisions stipulated in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”. JSPS and JSPS Club handle it within these regulatory parameters and properly manage it only for the purpose related to the implementation of this event.
– Please agree to this handling, when you join this event.
* “Personal Information” by JSPS has the same meaning as “Personal Data” by GDPR.

Besides, photos will be taken during this event. They may be used in publications (e.g. Website, Newsletter, Twitter, Instagram etc.) issued by JSPS Club and JSPS as part of public relations activities.
– Please also agree on this, when you join this event.

A copy of your entries will be sent to your given e-mail address.

Treffen der Regionalgruppe

Berlin | 11. Oktober 2023

Neues vom Club 02/2023

Erstes gemeinsames Symposium
der vier europäischen Wissen-
schaftler-Vereinigungen in Japan

Tokyo | 21. Oktober 2023

17. Mitglieder laden Mitglieder ein
Dossenheim | 10.–11. November 2023