Japan Experts

The JSPS Club has always considered it as an objective to improve the professional situation of their alumni members. To provide an adequate employment to returnees from Japan and to recommend experts in Japan related issues, te first edition of “Japan Experts” was published in 2000. In the booklet, all experts shortly introduce themselves and their field of expertise.

The booklet was produced with support from the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and its Japanese sister organization, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Düsseldorf, and was spread free of charge among their member clients. Further booklets were sent to relevant public-law employers and business associations.

The booklet has proven to be so popular that a second revised edition was distributed in 2003 over the same channels. In 2008, the completely revised third edition could be presented on CD-ROM.

You can order “Japan Experts” free of charge in the JSPS Bonn Office.

Japan Experts 1999
Japan Experts 2003
Japan Experts 2008


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