4th JSPS Club Meeting in Japan / May 17, 2014

Venue: Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Bibi 65-758, 066-8655 Chitose, Hokkaido
Research Building (morning program), Main Building (afternoon program)

Group picture of the member’s meeting in Chitose. Host Karthaus is standing far right.

Event report in NvC 02+03/2014 (in German)

Program (85 KB)

11.00   Guided tour of the university and the research facilities (Research Building)

12.00   Walk to the Main Building

12.15   Bento Lunch for pre-registered participants

13.00   Greetings
Prof. Menkhaus, Meiji University, Chairman of the JSPS-Club
Prof. Masaaki Kawase, President of Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
other distinguished guests

13.30  Prof. Ralf Greve (Glacier and Ice Sheet Research, Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University): Ice Sheets and Climate Change

14.30   Prof. Wilfried Wunderlich (Tokai University): Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis

15.00   Coffee Break

15.20   Assoc. Prof. Yoshitaka Aoki (Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University): Joint Japan-German research using the “French element” Gallium for next generation electronics

15.50   Chantal Weber (JSPS Postdoc Fellow, Kansai University; Research Assistant, Department of Japanese Studies, University of Cologne): Japanese Incense Culture

16.30   Discussions on various topics, in German

17.30   Transfer to restaurant

18.00   Banquet Beer Works Chitose

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