JSPS Club Meetings in Japan

For various reasons, the labor market in Japan is of great interest for foreign scientists. Therefore many of the JSPS Club members are working in Japan at different organizations, including universities and research institutions and also at corporations throughout the country.

During the first meeting in Oktober 2011 of our members who are working in Japan, the idea evolved that our members in Japan could also be hosts to German-speaking students, young researchers and colleagues. It is well known that many kind of problems can arise when getting used to a foreign culture, bespite all orientation guides of local scholarship programs and funding institutions. In this regard, the JSPS Club members who are well acquainted with Japan want to give a helping hand.

Fellows who are looking for this kind of assistance in Japan may contact the JSPS Bonn Office to find a JSPS Club member who is matching in profession and is working in the same region in Japan.
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus, Country Representative of Japan

Dear members of the JSPS Club in Japan,
Dear representatives of institutional members of the JSPS Club in Japan,

the next, the 8th Club meeting of the members will take place at the Japanese HQ of Carl Zeiss on Oct 7, 2019, in Tokyo. Our host will be President of Zeiss Japan, our members Stefan Sacre.

We will meet, as always in the early afternoon for the Club meeting. If you are interested in delivering a speech, please let me know. The rule, first come first served, is still as applicable as the rule that members who did not have an opportunity to talk at a Club Meeting yet have priority.

This years club meeting will be combined with the 4th and last European Research Night 2019, organised by the Club on behalf of EURAXESS starting in the evening. This means that we will be joined by other scientists from Europe mainly from France, Italy and Spain, the three countries that also organize a European Research Night.

The afternoon and evening will end with a reception hosted by Zeiss.

Best regards
Heinrich Menkhaus

Neues vom Club 01/2019

JSPS Alumni Club Award 2019
to Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke

8th Club Meeting in Japan
Tokyo | Oct. 7, 2019

14th Members Invite

Lübeck | Nov. 1/2, 2019

11th Junior Forum
Lübeck | Nov. 2, 2019