JSPS Alumni Club Award

bestowed by the German JSPS Alumni Association (JSPS Club) for the promotion of scientific exchange between Japan and the German-speaking area.

According to its statutes, the goal of the German JSPS Alumni Association (JSPS Club) is the promotion of scientific exchange between Japan and the German-speaking area. In this sense, the primary focuses of the JSPS Club are personal and professional support of the JSPS fellows, promotion of personal and scientific contacts, active participation in the building of fellowship programs, cooperation with scientific and science-funding organizations, as well as collection and dissemination of information in the fields of science, society and culture.

The activities and the engagement of the JSPS Club, its members and many friends and supporters make a major contribution to the development and spreading of contacts within the sciences as well as between science and society. With more than 400 members (as of April 2017) from many different disciplines of natural sciences and the arts, the German JSPS Alumni Association offers an unique and wide ranged network of contacts in the Japanese sciences.

Our goal: By bestowing and presenting the JSPS Alumni Club Award, the German JSPS Alumni Association honors outstanding contributions in exchange, cooperation or network building between the German-speaking area and Japan.

The award ist annually presented to 2 persons. Established scientists can be nominated as well as young research fellows.

  • The award includes a round-trip airfare from Germany/Switzerland/Austria to Japan or vice versa.
  • Furthermore, travelers to Japan receive a Japan Rail Pass (2nd class) for 2 weeks.
  • Travelers to Germany/Switzerland/Austria receive a travel allowance (2nd class) of up to 500 Euro.

Restriction: The journey should be started within 9 months after receiving the award.

Ceremony of the Alumni Club Award 2019

The ceremony of the JSPS Alumni Club Award 2019 will take place within the scope of the next German-Japanese symposium on May 25 2019 in Vienna which is jointly organized with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, or at the next Club meeting in Japan 2019.

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Symposium “Art, Architecture
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Vienna | May 24/25, 2019

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