Full membership is available for all persons who have been or are currently supported by any JSPS or STA (Science and Technology Agency) program. This includes also Japanese Humboldt fellows. Other persons who do not fulfill these requirements but are interested in German-Japanese scientific exchange, can apply for an extraordinary membership. This is also apt for institutions.

Honorary memberships were up to now granted to Professor Dr. Dr. Eiichi Arai (†), Professor Dr. Yasuo Tanaka (†), and Hisashi Kato.

The annual membership fee is 60 Euros for individuals, 250 Euros for institutions and 30 Euros for students and researchers receiving unemployment benefits, as well as those holding only part-time positions, and is due in advance every year by the end of January of the membership year being applied for. Persons who have a European bank account must pay for their applications by using the SEPA direct debit mandate form. Termination of membership can be done at the end of each year by sending a written letter to the JSPS Club office.

Donations are welcome.

The German tax authorities have approved the JSPS Club as a non-profit and charitable association.

Bank information:
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25th Anniversary Symposium

Berlin | May 15/16, 2020

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