German JSPS Alumni Association

The German JSPS Alumni Association (or “JSPS Club” for short) was founded in Germany in 1995 by a circle of former fellows who had been supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) as the first authorized JSPS alumni association in the world. Meanwhile the activities of the association have been expanded to the whole German speaking area.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the association is, according to its statute, the promotion of scientific exchange between German-speaking countries and Japan. Within this, the association focuses on the personal and technical support of JSPS fellows, the promotion of personal and scientific contacts, participation in the design of scholarship programs, cooperation with scientific and science promoting organizations, as well as the collection and distribution of information within the fields of science, society and culture.

日本語版   JSPS Club Flyer (269 KB)


JSPS stands for “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science” which is an organization subordinate to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Monbukagakusho (文部科学省). The mission of this organization is exchange of scientists between Japan and foreign countries, with emphasis on the promotion of foreign scientists in Japan. This has, to date, enabled about 3000 German scientists to stay in Japan for research programs, in part spanning periods of one to several years.

Since 1992, JSPS is represented in Germany by the JSPS Bonn Office. The JSPS Club pursues all its activities in close cooperation with the JSPS Bonn Office, on the premises of which the seat of this alumni association is also located.

4. #Seitenwechsler Japan-Messe
Leipzig | Feb. 22, 2020

Regional Group Meeting in
the Berlin-Brandenburg Area

Berlin | March 4, 2020

25th Japanese-German
Symposium “Bioeconomics”
Celebrating the 25. Anniversary
of the JSPS Club
Berlin | May 15/16, 2020

Anniversary Symposium
”German-Japanese Science Relations“

Tokyo | Nov. 20, 2020

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