Participation of the JSPS Club in the Japanese Alumni Conferences (帰国留学生総会)

For several years, there has been a growing realization in the Japanese government that it makes sense to group former fellows in Japan into alumni associations and hold their regular reunions. The reunions have taken place every year since 2021 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo.

Contributions focus on the national structure of each alumni association and what they can do for Japan and how. The JSPS Club also considers participation in these conferences to be useful because suggestions for its own work are conveyed via the other alumni associations.

08.03.2023: 武井外務副大臣の第3回帰国留学生総会への参加(結果)(令和5年3月8日)

16.03.2022: 上杉謙太郎外務大臣政務官の帰国留学生総会(オンライン)への参加(結果)(令和4年3月16日)

26.03.2021: 鈴木隼人外務大臣政務官の帰国留学生総会(オンライン)への参加(令和3年3月26日)