Life Under Extreme Conditions

26th Japanese-German Symposium

jointly organized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V.

Date: May 12–13, 2023
Venue: Hans-Geiger-Hörsaal, Leibnizstr. 13, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, 24118 Kiel, Germany

Program (140 KB)

Friday, May 12, 2023

12:00 Registration

Convener: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Duschl (University of Kiel)
13:00Welcome Remarks
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Menkhaus (Chairman of German JSPS Alumni Association)
Kikuko Kato (Consul General Japan)
Prof. Dr. Simone Fulda (President, University of Kiel)
Prof. Dr. Frank Kempken (Dean of Natural Sciences, University of Kiel)
Dr. Hans-Michael Kiefmann (Honorary Chairman, DJG Schleswig-Holstein)
13:45Lorenz von Stein in Japan
Jule Herbst (Lorenz von Stein Institut für Verwaltungswissenschaften, University of Kiel)
Abstract Herbst (252 KB)
Presentation Herbst (507 KB)

Part 1: Microbiology under Extreme Conditions
Convener: Dr. Matthias Hofmann (JSPS Club Board Member)
14:30Dark Energy Ecosystem Driven by Chemical Disequilibrium in the Earth and even Extraterrestrial Bodies
Prof. Dr. Ken Takai (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, JAMSTEC)
Abstract Takai (339 KB)
Prof. Dr. Peter Schönheit (University of Kiel)
Abstract Schönheit (228 KB)
15:30Q & A session
15:45Group picture & Coffee break

Part 2: Extra-Terrestrial Life
Convener: Prof. Dr. Masahiko Hayashi (JSPS Bonn Office)
16:30Exoplanets, Astrobiology
Prof. Dr. Motohide Tamura (The University of Tokyo)
Abstract Tamura (223 KB)
17:00In-situ Research in the Solar System
Prof. Dr. Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber (University of Kiel)
Abstract Wimmer-Schweingruber (240 KB)
Presentation Wimmer-Schweingruber (3.7 MB)
Presentation Wimmer-Schweingruber (3.7 MB)
17:30Q & A session
17:45Introduction of JSPS Programs
Eriko Suto (JSPS Bonn Office)
18:00go to dinner venue
19:00dinner at restaurant
JSPS Alumni Club Award 2023 Ceremony

Saturday, May 13, 2023

09:00Opening Message from Prof. Dr. Kodaira (former Director of the JSPS Bonn Office), online from Japan

Part 3: Life in Deep Sea
Convener: Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn (JSPS Club Board Member)
09:15Life at the Edge: Black Smokers and Hydrothermal Systems in the Deep Sea
Dr. Sven Petersen (GEOMAR)
Abstract Petersen (212 KB)
Presentation Petersen (1.1 MB)
09:45Ocean World Habitability and the Origin of Life
Prof. Dr. Yasuhito Sekine (Earth-Life Science Institute of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, ELSI)
Abstract Sekine (341 KB)
10:15Q & A session
10:30Coffee break

Part 4: Extreme Conditions in Society?
Convener: Prof. Dr. Katja Kölkebeck (JSPS Club Board Member)
11:15Modelling Pandemics, Mathematics of Pandemics in a Nutshell
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schlickeiser (University of Bochum)
Abstract Schlickeiser (208 KB)
Presentation Schlickeiser (751 KB)
11:45Removing CO2 from the Air and Reflecting Sunlight into Space – Extreme Ways to Deal with Climate Change?
Dr. Christine Merk (Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft, IfW)
Abstract Merk (363 KB)
12:15Q & A session
12:30Closing Remarks
Prof. Dr. Masahiko Hayashi (JSPS Bonn Office)

For participants of General assembly of JSPS Club:
General Assembly of JSPS Club
Guided tour to the Zoological Museum of the University of Kiel

For others:
14:30Guided tour to the Zoological Museum of the University of Kiel

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