Meetings of Regional Groups of the JSPS Club

In the beginning of the JSPS Club, regional meetings have already been an issue. At that time, it was all about the registration of Japanese students and researchers in Germany and their personal and professional assignment to Club members in that region. Former executive board member Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fritsch has taken up the subject in a way which deserves much gratitude. Since the number of members was low, a professional assignment was not easy to achieve.

In the past years, the number of members has grown nicely, making the assistance of Japanese colleagues in the regions much easier. Meanwhile, other aspects have arisen that positively suggest a regional cooperation of members with local German-Japanese societies or universities and research institutes that host Japanese colleagues.

Members who like to build a new group in their region, please get in touch with the executive board of the JSPS Club. All regional groups are also open to non-members of the German-speaking area and to Japanese persons.

Regional group Northern Germany | Contact person: Dr. Daniela Winkler

Regional group Berlin-Brandenburg | Contact person: Prof. Dr. Roza Kamp

Regional group Rhine-Ruhr | Contact person: Prof. Dr. Katja Kölkebeck

Regional group Rhine-Main-Neckar | Contact person: Dr. Matthias Hofmann

Regional group Thuringia/Halle-Leipzig | Contact person: Prof. Dr. Stefan Krischok

Regional group Baden-Württemberg | Contact person: Dr. Wolfgang Staguhn

Regional group Munich | Contact person: Prof. Dr. Geerd Diercksen