German JSPS Alumni Association

Unique Features

The German JSPS Alumni Association was founded in Germany in 1995 by a circle of former fellows who had been supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Meanwhile the activities of the association of the Club have been expanded to the whole German-speaking area.

The Club is the first authorized JSPS alumni association in the world. It is acting jointly with other JSPS alumni associations that have been founded afterwards. The Club is the only JSPS alumni association that is organizing events in Japan since many members are employed in Japan. It is closely cooperating with other research organizations, namely French, Italian, and Spanish that have been founded by European scientists.

She is also the only JSPS alumni association of Japan related scientists in the German-speaking area.

Since its name “German JSPS Alumni Association” is too long and hard to remember, the association is called “JSPS Club” for short. The logo is a replica of the JSPS headquarter logo. In the middle it shows the rooster that symbolizes the founding year of JSPS, sitting on the Japanese characters “gaku” (學) and “shin” (振) which stand for the promotion of science. The logo also decorates the pin that is worn by members.


According to its Articles of Incorporation, the mission of the association is the promotion of scientific exchange between the German-speaking area and Japan. In detail, it has its focus on personal and expert assistance of JSPS scholars, participation in the creation of scholarship programs, cooperation with scientific and science promoting organizations in the German-speaking area, and collection and transfer of information from realms like science, society, and culture.

JSPS Club leaflet (336 KB)


Because the association pursues all its activities in close cooperation with JSPS, the association’s office is located in the JSPS Bonn Office that is being maintained by JSPS since 1992.

Regional Group Meeting in the
Berlin-Brandenburg Area

Berlin | November 29, 2023

12th Club Meeting in Japan
Nagoya | December 16, 2023

Regional Group Meeting in
the Rhein-Ruhr Area

Essen | December 17, 2023

Neues vom Club 02/2023

BRIDGE-Program 2024 tendered
application deadline Jan. 8, 2024