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Der JSPS-Club im Newsletter des Japan Alumni Global Networks (JASSO) (Dezember 2023)

Der JSPS-Club im Newsletter „Meiji University Law News“ (März 2023)

Der JSPS-Club im Newsletter des Japan Alumni Global Networks (JASSO) (Februar 2023)

Regionalgruppen-Treffen Berlin-Brandenburg (September 2022)

7. Club-Treffen in Japan (November 2018)

Research and Career Forum for Japanese Researchers in Germany (Juni 2018)

Biomimetics: Learning from Nature for an Innovative Future (April 2018)

6. Club-Treffen in Japan (September 2017)

Emerging Challenges in Women Health Care in a Changing World (Mai 2017)

Higher Education – Challenges and Current Developments (Mai 2016)

History of Japanese-German Scientific Endeavors (September 2015)

Der JSPS-Club in „brücke 3/14“ (Oktober 2014)

Verleihung des Titels „JSPS Honorary Fellow" an Prof. Dr. Yasuo Tanaka (September 2014)

Pharmacy – a Journey from Edo Times to Modern Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics (Mai 2014)

DJW „Asa no Kai“ in Düsseldorf (Dezember 2013)

JSPS Alumni Club Award (August 2013)

Interview von Prof. Dr. Menkhaus in „Neues aus Japan“ (Juli 2013)

Auszeichnung des JSPS-Clubs durch den japanischen Außenminister (September 2012)

Natural Disasters: Impact and Management (Mai 2012)

Transport and Mobility – Challenges for the Future (September 2010)

Food Science and Society (Mai 2010)

Robotics (Mai 2009)

Marine Research – The Importance of Oceans for Mankind (Mai 2008)

A Universal Challenge: Climate Change (Mai 2007)

Prospects of Japanese-German Scientific Cooperation (April 2005)

2. Mitglieder laden Mitglieder ein (Oktober 2004)

Frontiers of Nanoscience (Mai 2004)

Science and Society (Mai 2003)

New Visions of the Universe (April 2002)

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