Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe (OUAAE)

Osaka University has launched ”Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe (OUAAE)“. Osaka University alumni living in Europe, as well as those European researchers and students who once stayed at Osaka University are eligible for this alumni membership. The alumni association is aiming at solidarity within a powerful network among the members and also at supporting the mobility of students and researchers between Osaka University and universities and research institutions in Europe. Through the alumni association and the office of Osaka University in Groningen, we will provide benefits for members by sending up-to-date information about Osaka University activities and the related events in Europe, together with reports or letters from alumni members, using our alumni web-site.

Please join Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe. For your registration, please visit our OUAAE-site.

We are looking forward to your joining OUAAE.

Groningen Centre for Education and Research,
Osaka University

Regionales Club-Treffen
Berlin | 21. Juni 2017

6. Club-Treffen in Japan
Tsukuba | 27. Sept. 2017

12. Mitglieder laden Mitglieder ein
Stuttgart | 10./11. Nov. 2017

8. Junior Forum
Stuttgart | 12. Nov. 2017

Neues vom Club 01/2017